Industry: Energy, Oil & Gas

From spud to crude transportation, we bring in-depth industry knowledge and solutions to any energy industry project. We’ve spent years in the oil and gas industry working with people in the field to deliver value and insights. From putting on our steel-toed boots to suiting up in our ties, we have a proven track record of doing what it takes to deliver revolutionary solutions to an industry that has struggled to adopt technology.

Industry Problem

The oil and gas field service industry has not successfully integrated information technology to maximize efficiencies and gain business insight. Most of the industry’s information is tracked in spreadsheets, on whiteboards, or notebooks that can easily be lost and can’t practically provide meaningful business intelligence.

The industry loses or underutilizes data and, even more, surprising losses of expensive assets costing millions of dollars a year. A holistic, field-friendly solution was needed that addressed the fundamentals of operations while also providing a platform for modern technology like predictive analytics through machine learning.

Phase 2’s Solution

After discovering the challenges faced by field service companies, there was an obvious need for an integrated platform to manage people, assets, warehouse operations, and job operations. From asset and inventory management to job usage and field tickets, Drakewell is the complete package for directional drilling, rental tool, and MWD companies.

By combining a willingness to get our boots dirty with world-class software engineers, we crafted a platform that is beloved by field personnel for its ease of use as much as it is by management for its business insight. This has made Drakewell a significant competitive advantage for its users.

Services Provided

Platform Engineering

Data Visualization

Solutions Consultation

Big Data Engineering

Design & Field Research

Platform Management

Technology Leveraged

Artificial Intelligence

Collecting Clean Data

This kind of technology makes it possible to embark on oilfield Artificial Intelligence and help make decisions based on actual operational data rather than one person’s experience alone.

Ultimately, Drakewell allows oil and gas field service companies to gather massive amounts of clean data and use that information to make million-dollar decisions on the rig and in the office.

Analytics & Data Visualizations

Real-time dashboard shows live data feed that can be viewed from any location or device.

Dashboards and visualizations created from your data to tell your story with precision.

Award Winning

Solving an industry-wide problem with a custom software solution.

“Drakewell is a superior reporting and survey system. I’ve been using the program for 5 wells now and find it very simple and user friendly. The ability for the well program to be loaded by the well planner prior to the start of the well, easy daily reports, 3D imaging, simple end of well reports, ie field tickets, BHA reports, and final surveys are just a few advantages. This software is the best tool I’ve used in the 20 years of directional drilling.”

Kim Townsend

Directional Driller for Aim Directional

Behind the Scenes

Technology Highlights

Behind every software product development at Phase 2, there is a sophisticated engineering lifecycle. Specialized teams are focusing on product ownership, engineering, and UI/UX design.

Automated testing has code testing code to ensure the highest quality of software is produced. Having structured DevOps in place helps deployments go seamlessly and software delivered continuously.

Custom Configurations Done Efficiently

We save time and expenses in development while gaining the benefit of custom configurations for each businesses’ workflows, asset maintenance cycles, and data layouts by using software metaprogramming in the core of the platform.

In other words, leveraging code that writes code to create a powerful configuration.

History Tracking Created for Clarity

It is easier than ever to track asset history, but are you tracking it efficiently and accurately? In Drakewell, each point in an asset’s history is tracked in detail and current history is dynamically calculated.

We do this because it enables an asset data sharing ecosystem and the ability to accurately see and track high-quality details about an asset at any point in history.

Data Visualizations

Making in-platform searches easier by using natural language and dynamic domain specific language searching is important. It is transformational to a user’s experience. We bring this level of care and thought into every product.

Let’s start talking about your next digital transformation.

Let’s start talking about your next digital transformation.