From the Internet of Things (IoT) to asset tracking, to sales, to complex manufacturing scheduling; we’re used to tackling the hardest problems with elegant solutions. Leveraging embedded devices, modern mobile phones, and well-built software, we’ve not only improved but revolutionized how our clients work.

Ditch Witch’s Problem

In 2015, Ditch Witch launched an initiative to install Internet of Things (IoT) devices on new models to provide telematics data and services for their machines. While the initial offering utilized an off-the-shelf software product to provide visualizations and analytics, Ditch Witch quickly realized that solution didn’t match their vision of what they wanted to give to their customers.

They knew they needed a custom software solution to provide big data power, deep analytics, and meaningful visualizations to surpass solutions offered by their competitors and create a unique competitive advantage.

Phase 2’s Solution

Using our deep skill set in leveraging the massive inflow of IoT sensor data, Phase 2 built a solution called Orange Intel that provides Ditch Witch customers with easy-to-use software to perfectly handle managing one or one thousand machines.

Features like custom engine performance notifications, analytics-based utilization, geo-fence security, and leveraging historical sensor data for data-driven maintenance made this tool a must-have for Ditch Witch customers and wouldn’t be possible without a robust, custom-built enterprise solution.

Services Provided

Web App Engineering

Platform Engineering

Big Data Management

Solutions Consultation

Design & Field Research

Platform Management

Technology Leveraged

Global Impact


Orange Intel stands apart from any product on the market as not only a complete and effective data visualization platform but a software solution that allows Ditch Witch customers around the world to run their business and reduce their costs.

Powerful Visualizations

Critical Data Presented in Meaningful Ways

Orange Intel brings insight into Ditch Witch’s products across thousands of machine parameters, putting information and power into the hands of dealers, fleet managers, and machine owners.

This information, presented via intuitive and accessible visualizations, facilitates business-changing decisions and innovations far surpassing Ditch Witch’s competitors.

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The Right Tools for the Job

Phase 2 and Ditch Witch identified primarily open source technologies as the best tools for Orange Intel. This decision allowed the Phase 2 development team to utilize crowd-sourced and free technologies to address the complex requirements of the product while reducing overall spend by mitigating the need for software license fees.

From the front-end frameworks to the database engine, open-source libraries included in Orange Intel architecture will continually offer more functionality thanks to the large development community around them.

Real Value to Users

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Theft alerts via geofencing help dealerships reduce lost costs and time. Machine utilization statistics help fleet managers ensure that their machines are being used properly and not causing unnecessary service costs.

The massive amount of data collected is setting the stage for predictive analytics which will let machine owners address mechanical issues before they happen, reducing side effects or other damage due to a single component failure.


Award Winning

We weren’t the only ones who thought it was great.

“Using IoT systems, big data platforms, and beautiful design Phase 2 has delivered a platform for Ditch Witch that leaps over competitors. With geo-fencing, real-time alerts, and deep analytics Ditch Witch and their customers have a revolutionary way to manage the equipment in their fleet.”

John Zumwalt

Vice President of Phase 2

Let’s start talking about your next digital transformation.

Let’s start talking about your next digital transformation.