Product Owner | Solutions Architect



Phase 2 is a software development consultancy aimed to make a positive impact on the people with whom we interact – our clients, our coworkers and our community. We create enterprise-level custom software products, lead organizations through digital transformation, and consult on how technology can improve efficiency and solve complex business problems.

Our elite team of engineers, architects, designers and managers thrive on challenges. We partner with our clients’ internal teams and IT departments, not compete with them. As a collective team, we discover, design, develop, deploy and direct our clients to solutions through digital transformation.


P2 is looking for a talented Product Owner/Solutions Architect to lead software development teams alongside our Agile Project Managers and Engineers.  This is a remote (work from home) position for US based candidates.

Responsibilities | How You’ll Spend Your Time

A Product Owner at Phase 2 is responsible for the value, execution, and delivery of customer software solutions. From ideation to launch, the Product Owner is involved in multiple areas of the Software Development Lifecycle. This individual must be multi-faceted with skills around technical consultation, high-level platform architecture, business analysis, communications, software team operations, technical task identification and documentation, and technical decision making.

The Product Owner fills the roles of Solutions Architect/Consultant, Account Manager, and Product Manager for a given customer or customers.

Qualifications | What We’re Looking For
  • Excellent written and verbal communications
  • Recognize the key business problems and evaluate customer needs
  • Ideate and communicate greenfield software solutions
  • Demo team progress to the customer
  • Collaborate with accounts to intake, document, and prioritize customer needs
  • Ensure constant value of product team tasks
  • Collaborate with UI/UX designers to maximize quality of user experience
  • Set solution vision for the customer
  • Create product plans and refined product backlogs
  • Create backlog items and produce acceptance criteria
  • Lead Agile ceremonies such as sprint planning and reviews

Culture & Benefits

When you have some of the most talented developers in the world, you want them to stay. We have worked hard to create a company culture that people want to be part of for a long time. While the national average for how long someone stays at one job is around 4 years, ours is almost 10 years. Once you’re here, we want you here for the long haul of your career.

Engaging, High-Value Projects

We know our talent isn’t going to stick around if the work is easy. Like we said, our team thrives on challenges. We only take on work that will stretch us and make us better at our craft.

Innovative, Collaborative Team

When the work is challenging, having a team that will support you is paramount. At Phase 2, you’ll glean from some of the most talented, friendly and collaborative people in the industry.

Transparent Leadership

Phase 2 values being open and transparent with the entire company. The more in-the-know our employees, the more invested they feel.

Remote Friendly

While we are headquartered in Oklahoma City, we have employees across the country. You can work from the office some days and work from home the rest. What works best for your work style, works best for us.

Flexible Work Hours

Take care of you and your family first. If you need to handle something before 5pm and pick up your project later, we get it.

Monthly Technology Budget

This budget is for our employees to use for whatever will make their job better or easier. A new chair, another monitor, seminar/workshop, even improve your home office. Will it help you work more efficiently? Use your tech budget.

Weekly Team Building

The last hour of every Thursday, we get together to unplug (figuratively) and spend time together as a team. It’s not required fun, so if something else needs your attention – go for it.

Monthly(ish) Social Events

Now that the world is normalizing, we’ve been excited to get back together. Once a month, we plan social outings like happy hours, food trucks, driving range, pickleball, and more!

Fitness Center Membership

We believe your mind works better when your body is functioning well. Enjoy membership to Life Time Fitness to allow your body and mind to operate at their best.

Insurance, Retirement, Vacation

We’ll help you do things like go to the doctor and retire. We offer competitive salaries and benefits including health insurance options, 401(k) matching, and paid time off.