Software Engineer


We work with a lot of different technologies, in a variety of industries, for a bunch of different clients. We are not defined by our stack. We're problem solvers, and we have to be flexible in the tools we use to solve those problems. There are best of breed technology solutions which we use often, but sometimes we need something that we're not comfortable using. That means two things for us; first we need to know that that thing exists and second we need to be good getting comfortable with that thing fast. Our clients require us to be flexible in order to get them to best solution possible.

Problem Solving

We think about ourselves as engineers, and that what we do everyday is solve problems. Those problems come at us in many different forms and require a variety of different approaches. That's our day to day job, and the cool thing about it is it helps us be very valuable to our clients. Besides writing software, we've helped our clients sort out process problems, and various other business issues during our time with them. We love the challenge of problem solving, we love learning new things quickly and want you to love that as well.


This is where we find we can be the most flexible in our criteria. If you can demonstrate you're a great fit in the rest of the areas we care about, we have a ton of room in this aspect. You won't hear us say that you need 5 years of experience in 20 different technology stacks. That's something you've probably seen in a hundred different job postings and we think that's short sighted. If you feel like you'd fit in well based on what you've read so far, don't let the number of years you've been doing this keep you from contacting us.


As we've said, the technology used depends on which tool is best for the job, but, here's a list of things we use currently. We expect you to be experienced in some of them and be able to carry a meaningful conversation about the others:

  • HTTP

  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails

  • Microsoft, .Net, .Net MVC

  • Python

  • MS SQL

  • CouchDB

  • MongoDB

  • Objective C/iOS Dev

  • Java/Android Dev

  • Javascript

  • Automated Testing

  • Git

  • Web front end helper libraries (Jquery, Coffeecript, backbone.js, underscore.js, HAML, SASS, etc.)

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