Phase 2 Welcomes Pierre Liebenberg to the Team
Jul 23, 2018
Pierre Liebenberg, UI/UX Designer at Phase 2 in OKC

Pierre Liebenberg - UI/UX Designer

Our team at Phase 2 is excited to welcome Pierre. Pierre grew up in Strand, a small beach town about thirty minutes from Cape Town, South Africa. He has traveled to countless countries around the world and worked in South Africa, Romania, Mexico, and the United States during his career. He's your guy if you have questions about the next big place you are traveling to.

Since we’re a custom software development shop, our UI/UX design work doesn’t stop at the wireframe or comp stage. For our UI/UX Designers that means being knowledgeable about web and mobile interface technologies as well as being able to build out the HTML, CSS and Javascript necessary to make those interactions work for our users. Pierre has this unique set of skills and is a valuable addition to the team.

Pierre is a self-taught designer and iOS developer. His academic background is in sociology and education (primary high-school English). After he retired from education, he oversaw product and design for a startup in the ed-tech space. During that time, he picked up front-end web-development skills, UI / UX design, and iOS development.

“Everyone here is incredibly good at what they do and many of us specialize in more than one skillset or platform. That fact alone provides tremendous learning opportunities. However, we’re also in the business of solving interesting problems, which makes the application of those skillsets even more satisfying as solving any particular problem — and solving it well — generally involves expanding your existing skillset.” Pierre Liebenberg

Initially, his main focus at Phase 2 will be UI and UX design across a number of our projects. At some point, he hopes to do some development work as well - primarily, iOS development. You can see his most recent development work at Lexico is a reading aid for readers of all ages and abilities. In particular, Lexico is helpful for new readers or readers with dyslexia, learning challenges, or visual-processing disorders. Pierre designed and developed Lexico as a helpful tool for his son, who had dyslexia, and saw the potential to help others who may benefit. Lexico will be available in the App Store soon

When asked what his favorite thing about Phase 2 is, he said

“The culture and outlook. The combination of the two makes for a supportive work environment that is focused on learning and helping others learn. This is something that I find inspiring and which motivates me to bring new approaches to doing my work. Another aspect to Phase 2’s culture and outlook is the flexibility we have to manage the balance between our home and work lives. Knowing that I can get up and go when I need to removes an enormous stress burden and allows me to be far more focused on the design problems without having to deal with the distraction of trying to schedule my home life around my work life. “ Pierre Liebenberg

We look forward to working with Pierre to provide our clients with custom software that is innovative, practical, and well-crafted. Learn more about the culture of Phase 2 here.