Oklahoma Ambition Creating Economic Wealth
May 3, 2018
Oklahoma Ambition Creating Economic Wealth Throught Conquest RT

It's not everyday that you get to see an entrepreneur take an idea, follow through on it, and make a true and sustainable business. We want to share a short story with you all that shows the ambition we have here in Oklahoma.

Jim Hilton, Owner of Conquest RT, is a client of Phase 2 and found us through his patent attorney. Jim had been gifted an iPad for Christmas from his wife, Debbie, right after iPads first came out. As he was getting the feel for the new technology and starting to love using his iPad, he had the moment of inspiration that later started a new company that now helps Oklahoma and out-of-state businesses improve their processes and keep the economic gains in our state.

Jim worked in the area of crude oil transportation where they were transporting huge truckloads of oil daily and tracking all of it on carbon copy paper tickets. After a drop off, they would put the ticket in a mason jar secured to a mailbox and keep the carbon copy of it in a box in their truck. With iPad in hand, Jim knew there was a better way and also knew it was a matter of time until someone made a digital conversion of the process. What he did that was different than most was take action to protect his idea for innovation as it progressed. He sought out advice from a patent attorney to protect his intellectual property from the start. He soon learned that he needed to provide a proof of concept and that his business idea was really software as a service which meant he needed to find a software development team he could trust. Jim wanted to be able to have all crude oil transportation workers have the ability to use an iPad to sign and date tickets, track transportation in real time, and make the whole process more accountable and efficient for the industry.

He was not a software developer and did not know anyone who was at the time, but he ambitiously wanted to take this service to market and provide a tracking application to any business transporting oil. His patent attorney referred him to Phase 2 to develop the software application he had envisioned.

“We looked for a company with integrity, reliability, and a company with programmers who would be able to grasp our vision. We found all this and more with Phase 2. They jumped in with both feet eager to learn, researched and became experts in what we wanted our platform to represent.” Debbie Hilton, Co-owner of Conquest and Gifter of iPad

Through developing this software, a new Oklahoma business was created. Today, that business has tracked over 309,966,465 barrels of crude oil and spanned over 36,589,374 miles tracked in real time. Jim took an entrepreneurial idea and executed on it by protecting his intellectual property and choosing to work with Phase 2 in the capacity of a strategic partner and software development service provider. Stories like this show the ambition of the people in our state to take action and execute. We love to see the creation of new businesses in Oklahoma that draw in money from other states, in this particular case Texas, and create economic wealth that will stay here.

We would love to hear more success stories that you all have witnessed and hope this story provides a little inspiration for your day. You can share your story

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If you have an idea for innovation or if you are an attorney working in the area of intellectual property and software/hardware patenting that often meets people like Jim Hilton who may want to learn more about Phase 2, please contact us.