Software Engineer Internship Experience at Phase 2
Sep 18, 2017
Emily Pielemeier, Software Engineer Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

Emily Pielemeier - Software Engineer Intern

Did you know Phase 2 offers internships in software engineering and ui/ux design? This is a unique opportunity to jump into the real world of software development and work alongside some the best engineers in the country. Emily Pielemeier was a rock star intern with us this summer and will continue working here through the fall. Check out Emily’s experience as a software engineering intern in her own words:

"My internship at Phase 2 has given me life-changing exposure to the industry. When I interviewed with Phase 2, I mentioned that I had worked with less than half the technologies listed on their website. John responded eagerly with, “Great!” Phase 2 is a great fit for a voracious learner because they will take your foundational knowledge and give you opportunities to expand upon it. Through projects at Phase 2 I have learned about document-based databases, the importance of automated testing and deployment, Ruby on Rails, and many others. Thanks to Drakewell, Phase 2’s spinoff company, I can also proudly call myself a D3 guru.

Emily Pielemeier, Software Engineer Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

An example of Emily's work using D3

Phase 2 promotes a healthy work environment where employees are trusted, respected and encouraged. Whether it’s Thirsty Thursday or hack time, we have plenty of opportunities to take a mental break and get to know each other. We’re also given a lot of flexibility in when and how we work, which allows me to continue my internship this fall as I begin my senior year at Oklahoma Christian University.

When you write software for a living, it’s easy to rush to conclusions. My internship at Phase 2 is teaching me to patiently and fully understand a problem before trying to solve it. At first glance a problem seems simple, but if we explore the pains behind the person our eyes will be opened to see the bigger picture. And that’s when the best software is written.

Great, maintainable, expandable software is being developed within Phase 2’s doors, whether we are carefully reviewing pull requests, discovering requirements for new projects, or finding the best technology to get the job done. I’m excited to be a part of that."

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