Phase 2 Welcomes Tim Zuercher to the Team
Aug 9, 2017
Tim Zuercher, Software Engineer at Phase 2 in OKC

Tim Zuercher - Software Engineer

Tim Zuercher joined the Phase 2 team! We are incredibly humbled and proud to have top talent like Tim coming through our doors ready to work on the hardest unsolved problems of the industry. We are creating new, web-based enterprise software for businesses that need more capability than their current systems have to offer. To be able to do this, we have to have the best software developers working together as a team. Tim is a valuable addition to our team and has great accomplishments ahead of him.

Before coming to Phase 2, Tim was at Adfitech working with ReactJS, NodeJS, and Ruby On Rails. One of the projects he worked on was a tool for converting PDF documents to Markdown. The project is located HERE if you want to check it out. Tim also worked for a Brazilian company called Seeker Tecnologia where he collected over 50,000 products over the web to use the data in an international web store.

Currently in his master's program, he is leading a capstone project for collecting motion capture data using sound which would function similar to THIS. Tim is continually learning and improving his craft of software development. This is something we look for when hiring. What we didn’t see coming is the massive amount of Mountain Dew he drinks daily. On a normal day he drinks 3-5 cans that keep the code flowing.

“From my first interview, I was very impressed with the people, culture, and projects being built. I really enjoyed the second interview too. I loved the thoroughness of the interview as it seems to speak to the quality and strengths of the teams.” Tim Zuercher

We are very intentional about hiring top talent so that high-caliber people can work with other high-caliber people. It makes a world of difference to the work environment and the end software product. Tim’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is the idea of ‘fixing leaky faucets.’ “It is another thing I admire about Phase 2 as it really is an important part of a healthy life.” The idea of fixing leaky faucets is a reference to rule #4 of the Phase 2 Rules: companies like Phase 2 can consume a tremendous amount of time and energy. It’s important that we all take time to fix the leaky faucets in our lives.

“I am looking forward to learning and contributing to projects. It is exciting to be apart of a new product and making it a success.” Tim Zuercher

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