Helping You and Your Clients Stay Agile
Apr 30, 2018
Phase 2 Helping You and Your Clients Stay Agile

If you are an attorney specializing in software or hardware patent, copyright, or trademark protection, in an intellectual property practice group, or working in the area of business information and technology sourcing and outsourcing, your areas of work overlap with the service areas Phase 2 offers.

Whether your clients are preparing to be the first to market with a service or need to accelerate the completion of a project in-house, Phase 2 can help. You know as well as we do that reliable and trustworthy partners and vendors can make or break the future success of the product or business idea brought to the table. We believe it is valuable for you to have trustworthy options of software development and consulting partners when assisting clients in working on technology initiatives with deadlines.

Some of our best clients at Phase 2 came to know us through their attorney while doing their due diligence in protecting intellectual property, vetting their innovation plan, or structuring their business idea relating to software, hardware, or technology. We are a local software development company that could help any of your clients that may need custom software to complete a project or build a proof of concept. Contact us today to schedule a time to meet or learn more about how we can work together to help you and your clients stay agile.

Case Studies

Below are two case studies of clients who created a company through the custom software product they took to market with our assistance:

Conquest RT


You can also see more case studies where we partnered with established businesses to improve their business processes and service offerings:

Sonic Drive-In

Ditch Witch

Pioneer Library System

To learn more about the software development process at Phase 2, visit our website.