Phase 2 Welcomes Joe Bond to the Team
Apr 18, 2018
Joe Bond, Product Owner at Phase 2 in OKC

Joe Bond - Product Owner

As Phase 2 celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year, our team continues to grow and expand crafting custom software products in new industries. We are excited to announce the recent hire of Joe Bond. He will join the Phase 2 team as a Product Owner where he will focus on fostering communication between the engineering team, the business team, and the customer.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany. He has experience in design, sales, and has been learning iOS development so he can make apps for Apple devices. During the last three years Joe has been building products as the product owner at WeGoLook. He excels in connecting teams of engineers, business management, and customers together to work in alignment.

“I make sure that the customer's needs are going to be met by what the engineering team builds and that it makes business sense to go build it.” Joe Bond

Outside of the office, Joe finds time to be outside whether it’s camping, fishing, or going on hikes with his wife Jesse. He loves trying food of all kinds from indian to thai. When it comes to tea, his favorite is Sencha or Gyokuro green tea. And you know every foody has their favorite local spot. Joe’s is The Drake in Oklahoma City.

Joe’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is the commitment to continuous improvement. If there is an opportunity for us to improve our software development processes or business practices and it benefits our customers, we make a point to do it and do it well.

When asked what he is most looking forward to while working at Phase 2 Joe answered,

“Improving my hacky sack skills!!! Also... P2 has a world-class team and I am looking forward to all the great things we are going to build together.” Joe Bond

We look forward to working with Joe and seeing the progress we can make as a team to provide our clients with custom software that is innovative, practical, and well-crafted. Learn more about the culture of Phase 2 here.