Phase 2 Welcomes Mac to the Team
Feb 26, 2018
Mac McCormick, Support Engineer at Phase 2 in OKC

Mac McCormick - Support Engineer

Phase 2 is excited to grow the support team and further help our clients to maintain and enhance the world-class software products we built on their behalf. We take the success of our clients incredibly seriously. Mac is up for the challenge and we are happy to have him join the team as a Support Engineer where he will serve as an expert in the software products we create and directly help our clients work through technical difficulties.

Mac is a passionate learner and achiever in the paths he has chosen before he started working here at Phase 2. After earning his bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Mac decided to do the only thing that made sense and go frac in the oil field at Halliburton (did it really make sense?). Soon after, he was part of a huge layoff which lead him to leverage his formal education and go back to school for pre-med and jump into the medical field.

After working with patients for a few years, he discovered a knack for programming and transitioned into writing mental health medical software for a local company in OKC for several years. Mac also has years of experience writing Ruby on Rails apps on the Open Network team at Life Church.

“After seeing the amazing opportunity at Phase 2 to make a huge impact on the community through great software, I made the leap. It has been the best career decision I’ve made thus far.” Mac McCormick

Mac’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is our values and the company’s desire to truly serve our clients. Mac says:

“Having leadership that walks alongside customers to develop solutions to incredibly complex problems is unusual in today’s market, and we do it everyday. When a company's main focus is serving their customers with a humble heart, amazing things will happen.” Mac McCormick

Aside from personal growth and learning great business acumen, Mac is most looking forward to seeing well thought-out, solidly engineered products helping companies grow and succeed.