UI/UX Design Internship Experience at Phase 2
Sep 18, 2017
Kiley Hoffman, UI/UX Design Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

Kiley Hoffman - UI/UX Design Intern

Did you know Phase 2 offers internships in ui/ux design? This is a unique opportunity to jump into the real world of design and work alongside some the best software engineers and designers in the country. Kiley has been a killer intern with us this summer and will continue working here through the fall. Check out Kiley’s experience as a UI/UX Design intern in her own words:

"I can honestly say that working at Phase 2 has been such a dream and has surpassed so many of my expectations of what a “job” should be. The people are wonderful and everyone truly enjoys working here. There’s no shortage of things to do, and there are often multiple challenging projects to be completed within a week.

I say this because I’ve loved the challenge; it sure beats the monotony of working on the same old thing every day! Everyone meets to review a project, then we are trusted to finish it with no babysitting. We will often come together as a team to make sure projects are completed, and we all want to be the best at what we do.

The first month was such a big learning curve for me because I’ve never experienced a company like Phase 2 before. I’ve freelanced and done odd jobs for small firms, but the company culture of Phase 2 is truly one of a kind (see “The Rules” on the website!). Everyone is expected to step up when necessary, which pushes the team to new heights. My early suggestions were taken pretty seriously, which blew me away.

Kiley Hoffman, UI/UX Design Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

Kiley's work samples from web design and client presentations

The first month was mostly spent learning code (HTML, HAML, and CSS) from Creative Director Jojo to achieve successful UX & UI design for the office and client presentations. After about a month of dreaming about code, we moved forward with a branding campaign designed for oilfield workers who use our sister company, Drakewell. The goal was to branch out from the existing brand to create some cool designs and swag that engage and excite the guys in the oilfield.

Kiley Hoffman, UI/UX Design Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

A combination of designs from our Creative Director and Kiley for Drakewell's brand expansion

One of the things I was most surprised about was how much I loved the stuff that some of my classmates would consider “corporate.” While there was a wide variety of work to do, and no lack of it, I enjoyed the structured projects the most. The Drakewell project was pretty dope, though.

Kiley Hoffman, UI/UX Design Intern at Phase 2 in OKC SHaring her experience

Examples of Drakewell merch created for Phase 2's spinnoff company, Drakewell

There has been so much I’ve learned from and been able to help with— so much so that I probably wouldn’t be able to list every project that was worked on during my time interning with Phase 2. But I have learned from and enjoyed every challenge at this company, and I’m looking forward to the fall."

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