Phase 2 Welcomes Stuart to the Team
May 1, 2017
Stuart Williamson

Stuart Williamson - Senior Software Engineer

We are excited to welcome Stuart to the Phase 2 team! Since we first met him, we knew he cared about his work immensely and strives to continually master his craft in software development. That is the kind of person we want on our team because we enjoy working with others who care about their work just as much as we do.

Stuart has an undergraduate degree in economics and a master’s in computer science from the University of Oklahoma. Before joining Phase 2, he had 6+ years of experience in Java development, primarily working on large enterprise platforms at Compsource Mutual Insurance and MSCI (formerly Riskmetrics).

Stuart’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is the team of software engineers around him. The level of talent we have here in Oklahoma City is unparalleled.

“I appreciate working with really sharp people at a technology-focused company and the laid back atmosphere is great.” Stuart Williamson

Our team at Phase 2 is not defined by a stack or a certain technology; we pick the best tool for the job. This philosophy has drawn in incredibly talented professionals to Phase 2 and Stuart is no exception.

The work we do to develop enterprise scale software for large and innovative businesses across the country is challenging, but the result is the kind of software solutions and technology that change the way an industry operates and helps our clients build better business.

“I look forward to continue learning and tackling a new set of problems. I love to be challenged.” Stuart Williamson