Phase 2 Aligns with Tony Lugafet Owner of iO Assets Group
May 1, 2017
Phase 2 aligning with Tony Lugafet

Phase 2, has aligned with the owner of iO Assets Group, Tony Lugafet. iO Assets Group is a full service provider of asset management for companies in manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas. This partnership will bring our innovative and groundbreaking custom software development services to businesses in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

“Tony has 26 years of experience building long-lasting business relationships and we are excited to have him play a large role in connecting Oklahoma businesses with Phase 2’s software development services.” Heath Clinton, President of Phase 2

Additionally, Tony has worked with companies in transportation and asset tracking for six years providing advanced asset tracking systems. iO Assets Group provides complete, custom solutions in asset management, access control and GPS tracking.

“Phase 2 has an incredibly talented team that I am excited to assist in building business relationships around Oklahoma and ultimately becoming the spearhead of innovation in our state.” Tony Lugafet, Owner of IOAG

This strategic alignment will help Oklahoma businesses in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, and other industries dealing in transportation and asset tracking connect with Phase 2 as an ally for technology innovation. This effort will bring economic growth into our Oklahoma economy by helping our local companies address enterprise-scale problems with custom software.

“The entire point of the Information Technology industry is to increase people’s knowledge of the world around them and create increased human capability. We can’t get there without understanding the needs of real people, in real business situations, trying to accomplish real work.” Shane Kempton, CTO of Phase 2

At Phase 2, developing relationships is key. If you're interested in what we do, have questions, or just want to say hi, let's talk.

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