What Does Crafting Custom Software Mean to Our Team?
Dec 7, 2016
Phase 2 crafting custom software

We are excited about our new message, Crafting Custom Software – Building Better Business, because it truly describes what we do and how we do it. Craftsmanship is a word we love at Phase 2. We strive to master our craft so we can build great software to drive our client’s success.

“We get to write code that directly affects the daily lives of our customers in a positive way.” – Tim Gourley Software Engineer

The software we craft is large scale which means it is usually an integral part of the business. We are more than meager code monkeys.

"Creating custom software means going down paths that either haven’t been traveled, or ones that we feel we can traverse better than anyone else." – Phil Reichelt Software Engineer

We live and breathe technology which brings incredible value to our clients and enables them to transform their creative visions into pragmatic realities. We are software gurus with a mind for better business. We believe this is what takes Phase 2 to the next level.

“I craft code to help people be more successful, by building applications that are fine tuned to our end user's needs." – Kyle McElyea Software Engineer

Crafting custom software is exciting and valuable to our clients, but the real winners are on our team. This is a cool job. We get to make something from almost, literally, nothing. We work with a lot of different technologies, in a variety of industries, for a bunch of different clients. Every day we use imagination and problem solving to make software that is highly valuable.

“Creating custom software gives me the chance to explore outside of the canned things currently available. It allows you to get down to the root of what you are trying to solve for and address the issue directly, rather than try to cobble together small parts of other applications or processes to achieve a goal that was not meant for any of them.” – Colbey Chittenden Software Engineer

We work to create large scale enterprise software that has to be successful. Failure isn’t an option. We design, develop, and deploy custom software products for large companies like Ditch Witch and Sonic who rely on our expertise to help them achieve their initiatives.

“We get to drive a project from birth to production. I really enjoy our technical freedoms. We are not bound to a specific development platform or older technologies.“ – Jason Nelson Software Engineer

At Phase 2, we do things differently. What we do for a living is important to us. We take the business of building great software, very seriously. We care about every part of everything we create and we care about getting better at that profession.

“I am not a painter. I am not a musician. I am a software developer. Creating custom software at P2 is my creative outlet. The feeling I get when I help solve a specific problem for a client is the reason I am excited to come to work each day.” – Brian Bridges Software Engineer

We love getting better. That means we research, read, and care about what's happening in the software world. We expect the same from anyone who joins the Phase 2 team.

Our success is a result of creativity, innovation, and passion of our team. Crafting custom software is a lifestyle at Phase 2 and our culture is built around the happiness of our most precious asset: our team.

Does your creativity and innovation need the freedom of expression? Phase 2 could be the opportunity you need to take your talent to the next level. At Phase 2, we seek the most talented people in the business who thrive on the freedom to express their ideas, knowledge, and abilities. We are very intentional about the characteristics we seek in team members. Check out these qualities to see if you might be a good fit: phase2online.com/careers.

Email careers@phase2online.com if you have any questions about job opportunites at Phase 2.