Phase 2 Welcomes Justin to the Team
Nov 10, 2016
Justin Blackwelder

Justin Blackwelder - Project Manager

We are excited to continue growing our team and building better business within our company so we can help other companies do the same. Justin has a can-do attitude with a willingness to work hard in his career and at home. Whether he is moving tons of heavy rocks and sod to bring a creative vision into a landscape reality or he is maintaining a 75 gallon rainbowfish tank, he keeps himself busy. He has a great appreciation for the outdoors and the natural beauty it brings into his family’s lives. They like to hike and camp as well as visit the Zoo and Science Museum Oklahoma on the reg. We look forward to seeing the great things he will do here at Phase 2.

"Variety is the spice of life. My past experience has given me broad exposure to different types of industries and Phase 2 gives me the opportunity to expand that exposure even further. The work and clients that Phase 2 partners with ensures that days and weeks will never be monotonous." - Justin

At Phase 2, Justin may be the new kid in town, but he is anything but new to software development. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Management Information Systems. After graduating, he started on a path that winded in and around software development and finance where he has positively impacted multiple established companies as a project manager.

Justin started out at FIS as a Quality Assurance Analyst executing check item processing with check sorting machines the size of a bus. From there he transitioned into a Business Analyst role and later found his stride as a Project Manager. Since then, he has worked at Love's, Chesapeake, MSCI and CompSource Mutual holding several titles ranging from Business Aligned Technology Lead to an IT Finance, Business Systems Analyst. As a Project Manager, Justin has helped shape organizational transformations from loose development practices to Waterfall, from Waterfall to Scrum, from Scrum to SAFe (Scrum to Scaled Agile Framework).

Justin’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is the environment. In his new position, he works alongside highly skilled and highly motivated teams to solve interesting problems in a creative and collaborative environment. He appreciates that Phase 2 really cares about delivering the highest quality solutions to clients, fostering innovation and responsibility, and providing a fun and engaging atmosphere.

In his new role, Justin looks forward to delivering value to clients by developing LEAN/lightweight project practices and continuous improvement habits. Companies can get weighted down with policies and procedures that inhibit their agility and speed at which they can deliver value. He intends to simplify processes to strike a balance between repeatable and overweight.