Webpack 4 with Vue CLI 3.0 - Computed Environment Variables
October 16, 2018

A quick guide for incorporating computed environment variables within webpack 4 with Vue CLI 3.0.

Easily Upload Files With Active Storage in Rails 5.2
October 03, 2018

A common problem to be solved when creating a Rails web application is handling file uploads. This blog post shows how easy it is, step by step, to handle uploading files with the new Active Storage feature of Rails 5.2.

Function and Block Scope in Javascript and Swift
September 17, 2018

As a Swift developer and UI / UX designer who occasionally dabbles with Javascript when no better alternative presents itself, I stumbled into this gotcha recently while experimenting with Framer’s code pane, which uses CoffeeScript as its Javascript pre-compiler.

Easy JSON Parsing - 5 Steps to Generate Data Models with Xcode Playgrounds and Codable
August 13, 2018

Five easy steps to quickly and effortlessly map a JSON representation of an API payload to your auto-generated Swift data model.

Mocking an API with Node.js
August 07, 2018

Node.js is a great technology that gives a lot of functionality out of the box, especially if you need to interact with a filesystem. See just how easy it is to build an API to serve up content on disk with this open source Node project.